The Process

Bold Italic follows a process to ensure your project flows successfully from start to finish, adopting an agile methodology that involves you at the centre of the design process, continually developing, testing, and revising your website until it is just right for your business.

Project Enquiry.

Welcome! 🙋‍♀️ This is the start of our journey where you reach out and we get acquainted. I will send you a “Project Enquiry” form with some specified questions to help prepare a no obligation proposal that is tailored to your needs.



Within 48 hours, I will send you a proposal with some suggestions moving forward. Let’s chat over it, to make sure we are on the same page and if it something that you would be keen to go ahead with. When you are ready to go ahead, please read and accept the Bold Italic terms & conditions and pay the deposit. Payment options will be outlined in the proposal document.


To start off the planning stage, you will be sent a questionnaire with some key questions to get the process started. We will really nut out your business online goals to make sure we achieve a successful outcome. Sometimes clients know exactly what they are after – and that is fantastic, however if you are not 100% sure which way to go, Bold Italic will guide you through the process.

In this stage we will also go over other elements (as required) such as branding, copywriting, extra design elements, eccommerce, legal and hosting situations. We will draw out the fundamentals and get all the details to create an effective brief to achieve just what you are after.

Content Creation.

To start the journey, it is best to start with the content. Thats right, design without content or purpose is just decoration and adds no value to anyone. Depending on your content requirements this is the phase where Bold Italic will go away and create the visuals and words specific to the brief from the planning stage for you to review. There are 2 rounds of revisions for each item.

Website Development.

Now that we have all the content, it’s time to develop it into a user experience that will be effective for your business online goals.

Bold Italic will recommend the best structures and layouts for your content and turn it into a fully functioning website. We will work together and you will sign off on the structure of the layout before we finalise the full website build. 

Site Review.

 Here is the exciting part where you see your new website come to life. 😃
At this point we will go through a number of checks and tune ups to make sure we are ready for the launch. Once you put in your final approval and finalise your payment we are ready to go live! 


This is the point where we establish the official hosting (if we have not already). I will guide you through this process or work with you – depending of preference. As soon as we are connected we will launch a coming soon page while we are setting up your site behind the scenes! Alternatively, if we are overwriting an existing website then we will work on a plan of action and take the necessary steps.

User Manual.

Once the website is all set up and ready to go, you will have access to some step-by-step training videos and user manuals so you can make updates like a PRO. Bold Italic also offers fantastic support for the first 3 months of your launch.


It’s time to celebrate and reveal your stunning new website to the world. 🥂
All the hard work has paid off and you will be excited to market your products and services. 

Warranty & peace of mind.

 Bold Italic offers a 3 month warranty to make sure that everything is working as expected. Bold Italic also offers fantastic support during this time whilst you learn to update the website yourself -like a pro.

 After the 3 month warranty, Bold Italic is always here for you to bounce any new ideas around and assist with future updates as your business grows. Many of Rici’s clients have continued with design and development services for many years after.

Let's spark up the conversation and see if we are the right fit.

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Bold Italic Design is based in Melbourne Australia, however here to provide services across the globe.